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What to expect from a home inspection

During a home inspection, the home inspector will concentrate on the condition and structure of your home and point out observed safety concerns. The home inspection is a visual inspection of the house—home inspectors do not do any destructive testing, nor can they inspect what they cannot see.

A professional home inspector should, at a minimum, inspect the following items:

Exterior Home Site
Building Foundation
Exterior Home Walls
Roof Coverings, Flashings & Gutters
Roof Support Structure
Insulation Quality
Visible Interior and Exterior Plumbing
Central Air and Heating System
Interior Condition of the Home

Home inspectors need to know the home's many systems and components and how they will work, both independently and together. In addition, they need to understand why and how the systems fail.

Consumers should expect a written report to describe the actual condition of the home at the time of the inspection and to provide an indication of the need for major repairs.