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Seller's Pre-Sale FES/Full Home

This Inspection is designed to provide the Seller/Owner of a property with valuable information about the condition of the property and items to repair or replace that will typically be found by the Buyer's Inspector to be "Not in Normal Working Order (Not NWO)" during their inspection.

This advance and confidential information will give a Seller the opportunity to repair, replace or disclose items prior to marketing, and minimize common and unexpected repairs that often accompany the buyer's inspection. The reduction, or often elimination, of the problems involving major repairs as required by the Mortgage Lender, Hazard Insurance Company, or the potential Buyer, can greatly smooth the path to successfully closing the transaction. This inspection will not be a substitute for a Buyer's Home Inspection. A Buyer may obtain (perform) his/her own inspection with recommendations for repair not listed herein.

Why should a seller incur the expense of a Pre-Sale Inspection?

Simple. When the Seller has a very good idea about the condition of the home and what repair requirements will likely be on the Buyer's Inspection, then the Seller can market and negotiate with confidence. The dollar amount that is initially negotiated in the purchase contract between the Buyer and Seller better represents the transaction and is less likely to change with the Buyer's Home Inspection results. This breaks down to a sales transaction with fewer problems and greater confidence for all persons involved.

The information in a Pre-Sale Inspection gives the Seller the choice of excluding a perceived "problem" from the sales transaction, or repair the "problem" making it a mute subject in the negotiation and sale of the home.

The Pre-Sale Inspection is absolutely confidential (at the decision of the Seller). Is the Seller automatically required to disclose the Pre-Sale Inspection? No, however some of the items included in the Pre-Sale Inspection will likely be listed on the Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement.

If the Seller determines repairs are necessary from the information contained in the Pre-Sale Inspection Report, then the Seller has time to solicit competitive bids to get the "problem" resolved without the difficulty of a Buyer "looking over the Seller's shoulder" during the stress of a sales transaction. It is well known in the industry that repairs required on a Buyer's Inspection are often more expensive to solve because repair contractors charge higher fees to adjust their schedules to complete repairs before the closing date of a transaction. The results! Delayed repairs cost the Seller more money.

What often Surprises a Seller about a Buyer's Inspection?

The great detail to which a Buyer expects an Inspector to do the job of Inspection! The Pre-Sale Inspection is not going to find every minor concern or malfunction that may show up on a Buyer's Inspection. The Pre-Sale Inspection is designed to identify major problems (if any) and provide the most economical remedy, and not "pick the home apart" in a negative report. The major items discovered needing repair, replacement or improvement during the transaction is what complicates the sale, not the little stuff! A Buyer typically has more confidence in the transaction when the Buyer's Inspector finds little new information.

What items are included in the Seller's Pre-Sale Inspection? (Partial list)

Foundation & Structural Components Roof Surface Moisture Infiltration
Visible Portions of Air Duct System Exterior Veneer Fireplace & Chimney
Furnace(s) Hot Water Tans(s) Insulated Windows
Air Conditioner(s) Plumbing Fixtures Electrical Fixtures
NOTE: Personal items may block access to some items normally inspected.

What items are not included in the Seller's Pre-Sale Inspection (partial list)

Minor Wood Deterioration Insect Infestation Doors & Single Pane -
Exterior & Interior Trim Kitchen Appliances Guttering
Attic and Crawl Space Ventilation Insulation Irrigation Systems
Stairways & Handrails Decks & Balconies Driveways & Patios
Laundry Fixtures/Plumbing Central Vacuum Intercom Systems

NOTE: A home warranty may be available to the Seller of the Property to cover items specific included and not included in the Sellers Pre-Sale Inspection, for a fee. Most Realtor Companies offer A Seller's Home Warranty Program. If the Buyer Chooses Nick's Inspection Service, LLC. To perform their inspection, some aspects of the contractual relationship between Nick's Inspection Service, LLC and the Seller will change to accommodate the Buyer and their inspection requests.