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Fixtures, Equipment and Systems

Sometimes called the "E&P" or "EMP" or "FES" or "WC" in the Tulsa, Area

This is a specific component inspection and is intended to comply with the Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors Contract of Sale of Real Estate, 3/04 version, specifically paragraph 6. B. 8.; Fixtures, Equipment and Systems Inspections. "All fixtures, equipment and systems relating to plumbing (including sewer / septic system and water supply),heating, cooling, electrical, built-in appliances, swimming pool / spa sprinkler, and security systems". This is a visual and operational (when possible) inspection and has historically been the most requested single inspection in a Realtor transaction. The items included in this inspection do not comprise all of the items prescribed in the Oklahoma Home Inspection Law Title 310, Chapter 276. Purchased singularly, this Inspection provides a very thorough inspection of the "Working Components".

This Inspection includes too many potential items to specifically list. Therefore a brief list of the items that are not included or inspected is provided herein. The criteria of evaluating the items listed above will be "Normal Working Order" (NWO) unless specified otherwise on the inspection report. The individual sewer disposal system (septic system), water well supply, swimming pool / spas, security systems, chimney caps & crowns and lawn sprinkler systems, are available only as separate inspections (for possible additional fees) and are not included in this specific Inspection.

Ambient temperatures below 60 degree F or over 90 degree F may prevent the seasonal operation and functional inspection of most residential forced air cooling or heating systems respectively. This is a manufacturer’s recommendation to prevent damage to a system that is not designed to operate at certain exterior temperature extremes. In these cases (read the report for details of your specific inspection), an extended Home Warranty is highly recommended.

This inspection generally INCLUDES the following (these items are not normally included in the Oklahoma License law):

Humidifiers, Electronic Air filters, Built-in ovens, Microwave ovens, built-in vacuum systems miscellaneous built-in appliances, Trash compactors, Intercom systems, 120v Yard lighting, Built-in refrigerators, Ice makers, Laundry connections (when accessible), and whole area ventilating fans often located in the hallway ceiling.

Lawn irrigation systems, Swimming pools and spas, Septic systems Chimney caps and Crowns, and water well equipment is available by separate inspections (normally at additional fees) when authorized by the customer.

This Inspection Generally DOES NOT INCLUDE, (and may or may not be included under the Okla. Law):

1. Thermostatic controls, electronic sensors, and appliance accessories, and timers; 2. Operating cycles other than the basic; 3. Hidden components, i.e.; shower pans, amateur repairs to tiled areas, all pipes that are in the ground, in floor slabs, or concealed in the walls, and moisture infiltration into the air distribution system; 4. Pressure testing for leaks of any pipes or delivery systems; 5. All portions of the furnace heat exchanger. The furnace heat exchanger is not implied to be in working order and is not visible without extensive disassembly which is not provided herein; 6. Code compliance of systems or appliance instillation, (including but not limited to; free standing fire places, hot water tanks, and furnaces), by any other company or government authority; 7. Measured forced air flow to portions of the home. Portions of the supply and return systems that are not readily visible; 8. A determination of the current regulations of a particular municipality with regard to existing gas flues; 9. Any unexposed portions or function of the fireplace, firebox, or chimney; 10. Evaluation oh hazardous materials including Mold; 11. Security systems or smoke alarms that are part of the security system; 12. Unexposed portions or evaluation of exhaust venting of kitchen appliances, bathroom, or clothes dryer; 13. Natural gas fueled air conditioning systems; 14. Solar Heating systems of any design; 15. All communication, data wiring, and equipment;
16. Protection from possible Seller nondisclosure or cover-up.

The utility companies, local municipalities, Property and Casualty insurance companies, FHA, VA, current building code regulations, mortgage lenders, or their underwriters may have certain requirements to update older installations which may not be identified in the report. That is because "Normal Working Order" does not necessarily disallow existing installations of certain components because a particular authority has changed their requirements since the item was originally installed. However, the licensed repair contractor (and we always recommend you use them where applicable), may have to bring a certain item or system "to code" if the specific repair or the local government authority requires same. To compound the public’s misunderstanding, each municipality and / or county may follow different regulations or change their rules without notice! If the customer accepts this report and does not authorize any verification that the repairs have been preformed, that is a mistake! Other problems, disguised or hidden conditions may exist that may not only be identified when repairs have begun on those items listed herein.