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EIFS Veneer Inspection (Exterior Insulated Finish System)

Beginning in the 1980's, in the Tulsa area, the EIFS type of exterior veneer came into the market place on both commercial and residential construction. It is known in the Tulsa area as Dryvit due to the fact that the manufacturer "Dryvit" started in Sand Springs, Oklahoma and was the first used in this area. Other manufacturers include but are not limited to STO, FINESTONE, USG, SINERGY. The look of a "stucco" finish is the most common application and therefore the system is also referred to as "artificial stucco". When the EIFS is installed correctly, the EIFS veneer will provide many years of service with a minimum of maintenance. If the manufacturer's installation instructions are not followed, the EIFS will not perform satisfactorily and may contribute to severe deterioration from moisture infiltration into the exterior walls. Therein lays the most common problem and the primary reason NICK'S Inspection Service, LLC. offers this particular inspection.

The home is inspected both inside and outside for evidence of moisture infiltration behind the EIFS veneer. A moisture meter that will detect moisture up to 4 inches below the exterior surface is used to investigate large areas of the EIFS veneer. Certain areas of the exterior walls, particularly around doors, windows, and penetrations are the most common areas of moisture infiltration. If moisture is found behind the EFIS veneer a second instrument is used to penetrate the veneer to get an accurate reading of the moisture at that location and if deteriorating sheathing is encountered